The Monica Pasqual & Joshua McClain Duo combines the original works of both artists into one seamless show that features Pasqual's songs & stories, McClain's instrumental compositions and the occasional spontaneous improvisation. Both artists started their careers in classical music before moving into the worlds of alternative folk and rock, an influence that is obvious in their seemingly effortless musical connection.

As former housemates, McClain and Pasqual, (who were already performing together in Monica Pasqual & the Handsome Brunettes,) had ample opportunity to hear each other's music. Pasqual was so mesmerized by the gorgeous cello music that she heard wafting up through the floorboards that she started featuring one or two of his compositions in each of the Brunettes concerts. Far from diluting or distracting from impact of her songs, it was clear that the instrumental pieces were adding another dimension to the overall experience.

In late 2016 they toured the Northwest as a duo and then in the spring of 2017 went to Germany where they performed about 15 concerts to mostly sold-out audiences. It was on the German tour that the focus of the duo began to emerge as more of collaborative experience. Rather than separating their music into distinct sets, they allowed it to flow effortlessly from songs with lyrics to instrumental compositions and back again.

McClain released a solo album in 2018 and Pasqual is in the process of finishing her sixth solo album. Their new show features music from both as well as from Pasqual's previous albums.

Monica Pasqual is also a member of the popular Bay Area super-group, Blame Sally. They have released eight albums and perform in the Bay Area but are no longer touring.