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Strings in my Human Heart

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Strings in My Human Heart

There’s the train, there are stairs down a hill
There’s a pig in a yard and a dog that barks
There’s the sun, it looks different up here
The light on the stone where I set my foot

There’s that house set behind a rock wall
All the windows are tall, mostly covered in vines

All the lives that have walked on those floors
I want to know more, I want to know more

There are strings in my human heart
That can pull apart, they can pull apart
I could leave everything I know
I could let it go, I could just let go

There’s a bench at the end of her street
No park and no grass, where the men sit and smoke
I pass by, but I don’t ever pause
I wave, I don’t talk, though I want to know more

There’s a gate and it keeps me outside
So I press my face up against the cracks
In the garden sits an empty chair
I can see myself there, I can see myself there