1. 1969

From the recording Is Fortune a Wheel

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Ghost in the graveyard, sugar-burn tongue
Shells in our pockets, pink from the sun
Sailor girl dresses, my hair always messy
They told us a man had just walked on the moon

Biked on two wheels, went around and around
Fell for my cousin whose skin was all brown
Swam in the ocean, I've never forgotten
The summer in Spain when the world seemed so small

We believed the impossible was possible back then
Old Spanish Grandma said don't believe lies
The man on the moon is just a trick of the eye
She prayed for salvation, we almost died laughing
Spinning in circles 'til someone fell down
That was when anti-gravity, rarely vertical
Time could bend
We had particles of stardust in the cells of our skin

Big white bird flew in the room and we screamed
The pillow-fight ended, it broke at the seams
Ran to the window, the city rushed below
Thousands of feathers danced in the night sky