From the recording This Cold Desire



My skin is fair, my eyes are blue
My hair the color of a cornfield
Born in the north I stand out here
Where hair is dark and skin is golden

Raised in the mountain states
My father was a man of great proportions
Tall, blond and pale, a Dane
His people suffered much for their devotion

My mother’s from Iberria,
Una isla Balearica
La Tierra en mi sangre,
El mar en mi historia

La costa de las palmas,
El campo do los olivos
Cargados en mi alma,
Encienden mis memorias

I was a stranger in
my city by the lake, the state of Utah
I’d go to Mass and pray to saints
Just like a girl born in Mallorca

We’d set the table late
My mother served red wine, we ate paella
My friends thought we were strange
And so did I ‘til we came to La Isla

Mi madre de Iberia,
una isla Balearica
La tierra en mi sangre,
el mar en mi historia

La Costa de la calma,
El pueblo Valledemosa
Los llevo en mi alma
La tierra en mi sangre