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  1. If You Ask

Preview track for upcoming album


I’ve been washed I been shined
Paraded for another dime
Sometimes it’s good but it don’t feel like love
Every night a different town
I close my eyes I turn around
I give it all and still it’s not enough

But if you ask I will
I will I will
I’ll give you more, I’ll fill
I’ll fill I’ll fill you
Up until, until
Until it kills me
If you ask I will
Oh, oh, oh I will

Once I thought the whole wide world
A mystery that would unfurl
And all I had to do was be myself
But now my world’s another floor, another key, another door
Another room, another empty shelf

I could twist, I could bend
I hurt myself, I hurt my friends
I built it up but it’s just bones and wood
Another night another stage
Another crowd, I feel my age
And I could be replaced, you know I could