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"Pasqual, the award-winning indie artist, known for her years as member of Bay Area favorites Blame Sally, delivers a luminously beautiful new solo album. Pasqual’s lovely voice eloquently expresses every poetic line of wonderful songs like “Is Fortune A Wheel.” There’s a rare elegance and subtle drama to her lyrics. The melodies sway and soar, haunting in one moment, majestic in the next. “Swann’s Way” is a supple, silken ballad. “Golden Cuff” brims with emotion. “1969” explores an era when we believed that the impossible was possible. “The Color Blue Is Everywhere” is the shimmering, spellbinding closing number. Every track is a gem. Pasqual is very special artist, exploring love, loss and life in profoundly moving ways. To know her music is to love it. Far more people should get to know it." Paul Freeman, Pop Culture Classics

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